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Sunday, December 8, 2013


Hello friends. Today am going to share with you a simple trick that would enable you browse the internet for free via mtn. This trick has been on the go since last month and because have been recieving mails from some of my visitors , that i should droped some thing that would enable them surf the internet for free , i decided to drop this lill mtn trick. Simple read and follow the procedures carefully.


1. Symbian phone
2. Make sure your phone has been rooted 'hacked'
3. Make sure you are making use of Golden python.

1. Send fb0 to 131 and you would get 5mb to browse the internet. This 5MB is invisible to the eyes . Now after exhausting your 5MB , simple send stop to 131 , again send fb0 to 131. Keep repeating the above step.

2. Create a new access point with the settings below:
Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
Port: 8080

2. Now open your simpleserver.sisx and select the access point we just created. Now insert the following settings.

Access Point :
- Simple
Local Host :
Local Port :
- 8080
HTTP Query :
- Front Query : None
- Middle Query : None
- Back Query : None
- Reverse Query : None
- Inject Query : 0.facebook.com/download.php
- Inject Method : HEAD
- Inject Newline : \r\n
- Inject Splitline : Default
HTTP Header :
- Custom Header 1 : Http
- Header Value 1 : music.vodafone.com.tr
- Custom Header 2 : 0.Facebook.Com/Download.Php
- Header Value 2 : None
- Custom Header 3 : Wap.Mtnonlineplay.Com
- Header Value 3 : None
- Custom Header 4 : None
- Header Value 4 : None
Server Config :
- Fetch Server : None
- Keep Server : None
- Url Replacer : None
- Advanced Mode : Yes
- Tunnel Proxy : No
- HTTPS Connection : Yes
- Server Buffer : 1024
- Screen Size : Normal
Proxy Host :
Proxy Port :
- 8080

Now close your simple server and open it again. Now you would notice that the access point you used is now connect. Open any browser of your choice and select the access point we created earlier on and browse free. Note: the download is caped 5MB


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